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Hey latly stuey has een eating nothing but crickets. He will eat nothing else. i have given him superworms, wax worms. I am going to try silk worms and pheonix worms. But he hates everything else. He will not be hand fed and will only eat once i leave. I tried hand feeding him with a glove, he wouldnt get mad this time when i took him out of the cage wich is good. But do you guys have any sugjestions.
man... that's all i feed my chameleon is crickets .... from what I have read... feeding them the other stuff is more for like treats... so if he doesn't want treats... just saves you time and money :p .

And with him not eating when ur around... just i dunno... maybe stay in your room for a while after you feed him... and maybe he'll learn that you are not going to do anything? it's a idea....

good luck
ive seen him eat cause i hide behind the fireplace in my room, hes on the other side. so i hide behind it for like 30 seconds then he starts eating. so i peek my head around the side i love watching him eat
it gets repetitive... i still watch.. but im not as excited nemore.. lol .

just stay in there and pretend ur not paying attention to him . watch ur TV or whatever... he'll get hungry enough that he wont care
my sisters stole my tv and put it in they're room :( but yea ill try that. when i was at my dads house i played on the comp for a while and he started eating it was cool. its really weird when im at my dads house he acts all nice to me.
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