Wondering if this semi-identified vine is safe for Chams


Can anyone help me Positively Identify this vine? Its really kool, not poison Ivy, and I've got a ton of it I cut down. Located in the Hudson Valley region of NY. I think it is a wild grapevine, because of the peeling, flaking bark... it's tendrils, how common wild grapevines are around here, I went out and took several pics, & trying to share them.


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more pics

more pics of vine. Was full of water when I cut it down. No leaves, ....just really flaky bark.


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Clear jelly

The next day after I cut it down, I went outside to find the cuts had oozed some sort of clear jelly, coagulated and stuck on every cut i made, here is a dehydrated example of whats left of the clear jelly, and I mean it was crystal clear jelly, after almost 2 weeks sitting in my yard


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You dont want any loose material on the vine.

You dont want any sap on it either.

Doth can cause them eye irritation as they rub their eyes on the vines so often.

If you can clean it off well enough, it should be fine.
When I use branches from outside I always sand them down (or carve them) to removed any loose bark. Then I scrub them down using boiling water and a thick-bristled brush. And THEN I let them sunbathe for a couple of days. Make sure the sap is not oozing out of any areas that are reachable for the chameleon.
thats a concorde grape vine, they ooze water for a few days and dry up well, i use them. just need to let them dry for a couple weeks and then sand the bark off.
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