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My 5 month old female veiled is acting very strange. She is showing receptive coloration, and the last few days she she has stopped eating and has become wobbly and is having difficulty walking and grabbing. She is chubby, but not showing gravid coloration, and has never been bred. She is drinking with no issues. She has always eaten heartily, all food dusted with Calcium, and is in a Reptarium under a Zoomed 10.0 bulb. In fact today, I startled her and she took a short fall to the bottom of the cage. Symptoms seem to point to MBD, but I find that hard to beleive with the dusting and lighting. Any suggestions? I cleaned alot of poop yesterday, so I think we can rule out impaction.
What calcium, vitamin and/or D3 supplements are you using? How often do you dust with each?

What do you use for gutloading? What do any of the things that you feed the insects with or gutload with have in them in the way of phosphorous, calcium, D3 and preformed vitamin A?

Phosphorous, calcium, D3 and vitamin A all play a part in bone health and need to be in balance....so maybe something is out of balance...if it is MBD?
Repcal no D3 5X weekly with D3 once or twice weekly(phos-free). Crickets gotloaded with dark leafy greens, rarely oranges, apples. Feed crickets with cricket food from Coastal Silkworms too. Feed silkworms, suerworms, and waxworms. She seems shaky and a bit weak. Her legs are straight, casque and jaw strong. All was fine until 2 days ago when she stopped eating.
Do you have a suitable place in her cage for her to dig?

Does she hold her body up of the branches when she walks? Does she have any problem shooting her tongue out?

Does she get any direct sunlight? Is the UVB or sunlight passing through glass or plastic?

I don't know is what's in the Coastal cricket food in the way of phos., calcium, D3 and A....couldn't find a breakdown on the net.

You are dusting more than I do...and you didn't mention vitamins. I dust with Rep-Cal calcium at most feedings, with cal./D3 twice a month and with Rep-Cal's vitamins twice a month. I don't use any commercial feeds for insects because I don't have to try to reach a balance with them.

A vet could run tests to see what her calcium levels are.
I do have a place for her to dig. No glass or plastic over the UVB. 2 days ago she could sprint accross the cage and shoot her tounge across the cage. Hertivite 2x monthly. Today so far no wobbles. I will see if she will eat. If not, off to the Vet-thank goodness I have a good one.
She ate 2 wax worms and a meal worm-ignored the crickets so far. She seems a little better. She is pretty chubby, which is why I added a laying container for her, but she is not showing dark gravid coloration.


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