With great sadness.

The first ever parsons I ever kept passed away yesterday. I received him and another male back in 2007 from Underground reptiles, in FL. In the spring of that year. He was from a group of chams that I believe had first entered the states via New York around Chirstmas time of 2006. And I can only imagine what they went through before being bought by the store in spring of 2007. I received the animals in poor condition, and near death. I did my best to nurse them back to health, and things did get a little better. I traded the smaller male 6 months later for a female and have since lost track of that keeper. My guy had been on antibioties to some degree for his entire time with me. And I knew a month back, that he was beginning to lose his battle. I was even thinking of putting him down, but he had a way of looking at me, that made it a hard thing to do. For his final resting place he climbed down to the bottom of a potted tree, kinda curled around the rim and went to sleep.

Here's two pictures of him. One from August 2007, and one from 2013. I'll really miss this guy. RIP


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So sorry Steve. He got lucky to live with you and be nursed back to health and live his life with lots of great care and lots of food options! I'm sure you will miss him.
So very sad. My heart aches for you. You are such a great dad. Know that you did everything possible to give him a good life. My condolences. :(
I am so sorry to hear that Steve. I know how highly you prize and care for your parsons. But he at least had the best years of his life living with you. RIP big guy.
Sorry Steve. At least you know that during the time that you had him you gave him your all to make his life amazing.

I'm so sorry for your loss. You are one dedicated keeper, and certainly did everything you could to make his life a better one.
Very sorry for your loss Steve. Sounds like he got lucky when he found you(or vice versa) and lived out his life to the fullest. I know you will miss him, but try and find in comfort in knowing that he would have left this earth many years ago if it hadn't been for you.
I'm so sorry. You took such great care of him for such a long time, and he lived a long time considering what a crappy start he had.
He'll always hold a special place in your heart.
Sorry I've been pestering you for flies when you've been going through this...

what a beautiful chameleon , so sorry for your loss , but I am sure he had the best life he could with you, and passed a happy cham, again, so sorry for your loss
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