winter month cycle


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hey guys, i have a male jackson's chameleon, he is about 2 years old, his enclosure is fine im sure but he hasnt been eating much and i heard they dont eat much through the winter but i was wondering how long we are on the winter month cycle... he has daylight from 8am - 6pm...

does anyone know how long we are on winter months?
i think, not for sure but i think spring starts in april ...but ill go check to make so if thats true we are about 1/2 i guessor aroudn there

nvm it starts on march 20 sorry
Doesn't the saying go,"April showers bring May flowers"? So I guess spring comes in May because of the
wow, lol- it seems like such a simple question, i thought everyone would think i was dumb for asking, i guess i will just wait until mid march or so to change time back over, let me know what u guys find... do you guys increase/ decrease rain?
I adjust the timers on my lights once a month.
That way the adjustment from 'summer' light hours to 'winter' light hours is more gradual, as it is in nature.

Once before I posted the daylight hours in Madagascar and Yemen, where most of the common species are from (you can find that here: Daylight Hours).

From there you can see that it is a gradual change from 13 hours of light in summer to 11 hours of light in winter. I use that as a rough guide for setting the timers on my cage (plus or minus a bit so that it also follows the actual hours of daylight here in South Africa).
Obviously it's winter in Madagascar in June, and in Yemen the middle of winter is in December, so you have to adjust the times to match your own seasons.
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