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Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon - female veiled age (not sure help would be welcomed)ive had her for about 3 weeks
Handling - none yet she gets pissed wen i try but she doesn't get mad when i do stuff in her cage
Feeding - mostly crickets 5-6 a day a few mealworms now and then also give her romaine lettuce when she wants it (tried wax worms but she spazed out when she saw them) i hand feed her in the mornings. as far as gut loading not sure if im doing it right i use fluckers orange cubes
Supplements - calcium i use the exo terra every feeding also have some with d3 when its time and use rep cal multivitamins (not sure how much to use d3 and multi , i understand d3 and multi twice a month but not sure how much .. is it per feeding ?)
Watering - i use the exo terra monsoon rs400 for misting 30 secs every 2 hours also have a drip system i made out of a water bottle and hose with a valve ( when shes out of her cage ill mist her and her outside plants by hand)
Fecal Description - poop is soft but solid , urinate is white sometimes with a dot of yellow
History - i got her from pet smart ,she like to spend alot of her day in the window

Cage Info:
Cage Type - exo terra 18x18x24 (but when she gets bigger im thinking of adding a screen enclosure on top of existing
Lighting - exo terra uvb100 and zoo med combo bulbs (75 w) daytime basking and uvb on about 10 hours a day and night heat over night
Temperature - basking spot a bout 90 at night drops to about 80 or so i measure with a duel humidity / temp from zoo med
Humidity - between 50 and 60 mostly but drops a bit when i leave the enclosure open
Plants - combo fake and live lives are umbrella and pothos in enclosure and a pothos in the window
Placement - located in the far corner of my living room by a window traffic not so much only when i go near to feed and such ... its pretty vented but during the winter the window will be closed
Location - bronx ny

Current Problem - just wondering if im doing this right im a first time owner and i dont want anything to happen to her ..
main questions are ;
is it ok she hangs out by the window ( i live on the 3rd floor of a building)?
is it full feedings for multi and d3 sups ?
why does she freak out with the sight of wax worms?
if u can help me figure her age that would be awesome .

here are a few pics of her


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Just keep an eye on the temps. With the glass terrarium I would be concerned that sunrays could cause a greenhouse effect and overheat your little buddy. Good ventilation should mitigate that risk. Your current temps are on the high side for a juvi and for a female. I think low 80's is better for her right now, but hopefully someone with direct veild experience can confirm that. Besides that, I bet she loves looking out the window... All my chams seem to enjoy watching what is going on outside.

On a separate note, I would ditch the orange cubes from flukers and use a mix of greens and other veggies. Sandrachameleon has great blogs on nutrition that are worth a read.
thanx dropped temps and checked out Sandrachameleon ... was a great help ill start on her regiment asap
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