Will this fixture work with my chameleon

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by paulkaranik, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. paulkaranik

    paulkaranik Member

    I scored this 24 inch fixture and bulb from work today. If I replace the blacklight with a UVB bulb will it work as proper uvb lighting for my cham ? Thanks ! 20170419_194909.jpg 20170419_194911.jpg
  2. Dave85731

    Dave85731 Member

    I don't see why not if the bulb fits and turns on lol
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  3. broderp

    broderp Avid Member

    A fixture is a fixture as long as it works. Don't let others bully you into thinking you have to have brand X to have good lighting. If the hood you got accepts and properly powers a UVB lamp, then it will work.
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  4. paulkaranik

    paulkaranik Member

    Thanks !
  5. JGspecial

    JGspecial Established Member

    wrong choice of words, i know you meant to be more of an adult but youre still growing up. apparently the millennial thing to say is "bully" when you feel uncomfortable about something to the point of being scarred.
  6. Decadancin

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    Without getting into another discussion about what lights are better or what fixture should cost what... which is not what the OP asked...

    The only way to know for sure is to turn it on and see the intensity with a UV meter. Unless someone has already done this and has some results to share. I don't see any reason why it would not work, just may not have the highest intensity compared to some other fixtures. Not sure though.
  7. jajeanpierre

    jajeanpierre Chameleon Enthusiast

    "Black Light" is UVA, so this will not supply the UVB your chameleon needs. As others have said, the fixture itself is fine. It's the bulb that is of no use.

    Light is a spectrum of wave lengths. Not all UV radiation is the same and the wave length needed to produce Vitamin D3 is a very specific range of wave lengths. UVA is a different wave length than UVB which is different from UVC. UVC is deadly and was the problem with early reptile lights. The ozone layer blocks UVC from earth and we have no natural defense against the damaging effects of UVC.
  8. jajeanpierre

    jajeanpierre Chameleon Enthusiast

    What a bizarre response. Bully?
  9. Decadancin

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    Not all fixtures are the same either. I don't know if that one has any type of reflector, but they can greatly improve the effectiveness of your lights.
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  10. ChamLB

    ChamLB Avid Member

    If you were going to buy the bulb anyway it's worth a try but I'd confirm the uvb output.
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  11. poison

    poison Avid Member

    Hi, I'm sure all brod meant is you don't need a reptile named brand fixture to run reptile bulbs :)
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  12. paulkaranik

    paulkaranik Member

    Not sure what this means lol..

    So I bought a 24" uvb bulb and will place it in this fixture. I won't use it on my Chams cage until I buy a UVB tester. Yes this fixture has a nice built in reflector. I'm just excited because I scored 2 fixtures Brand new for free from work and want to make sure I am using proper equipment.

    Mahalo for your help
  13. paulkaranik

    paulkaranik Member

    Side note , anyone recommend an accurate and cheap uvb tester ?

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