Will this cage be big enough?


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So I am going to be building a new cage for my male veiled tomorrow. I've been going over different design options and had the idea to make a notch in the middle so I can slide a divider in and have two chams in essentially the same cage.

So I was thinking making the total cage 4.5ft highx3ft wide and 18in deep. So with a divider it would cut that 3ft down to 1.5 ft each. Is that big enough?

Thinking about my second cham either being a jackson or panther.


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What would you say minimum dimensions should be for a male veiled, a little over a year old.


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Hmmm...Since you are dividing it, I would advise making it a foot wider. That way each side is getting at least 2 feet of width. If your chams are still growing, then go ahead and build it with the idea that they will need an upgrade within a year. I have enclosures of all dimensions and sizes lying around from failed experimentation. Listen to the other forum members, it doesnt need to be exactly 24x24x48 like some people preach, but it should have enough room for the chameleon to turn around. My rule of thumb is 1.5 times the adult chameleons length should be the width. The depth can be the actual chameleons length and the height should be 2.5 times its length.

An example:

If an adult Veiled is 20" then the Depth is 20", the with is 20"*1.5=30". The height is 20"*2.5=50"

Jacksons are smaller and can be kept in a much smaller enclosure etc. Bigger is better though, and size does matter, hehe. Dont believe all that hoopla about how you use it.

Good luck OP.
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