will Mr.Green live thru the night?


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I don't know how long his penis has been prolapsed but its pretty far out. Yes I know I already posted about this. I asked my parents if we could go find a vet but its nearly midnight now. I just wanna know his chances here... :( Hopefully my mom and dad will care enough to drive us to Memphis in the morning
You need to keep it lubricated with KY if you have to wait.

He shouldnt die, but it may dry out, and have to be amputated.

You can save him alot of duress, and likely yourself some money if you go now.

Others here may or may not agree with me, but its something that you could do and it will save his member. Make sure that he is hydrated before this is done.

Step 1: Prepare an epsom salt bath (warm water with about 2-3 tablespoons per gallon)
Step 2: Soak him in the bath and just let him sit in about 2 or 3 inches high of epsom water. Leave the cham in for about 1-2 hours.
Step 3: Take out the cham and rinse him off with warm RO water.
Step 4: Carefully clean the area around the penis with your finger. Try to remove as much of the gunk or blood surrounding the area.
Step 5: Use KY and apply liberally to the entire area. With a Q-tip carefully push back the penis into the lizard.

I know that this method has been used on chams with success before. I myself have done this to a Dalmatian pup (dog) several years ago.

Ask your parents to help you, it might seem like a difficult task, but it can save your chams life and cham-hood.

As far as him making it through the night, I wouldn't worry too much about that. It will dry if it is not kept moist, but he wont die in a day.

Good luck!
I have never heard of this method before. Where did you get this info from??
I have heard of soaking it in cold sugar water in attempt to get it to shrink down and go back in, but never warm Epson salts.
Yes, you want cold water to remove swelling. Warm water will dialate the vessels and make swelling worse.
Yes, you want cold water to remove swelling. Warm water will dialate the vessels and make swelling worse.
I thought so. That's why I was asking where they got their info from. They also said they have used this method successfully?...
I hope you will be able to get him to the vets. I've tried to push the prolapsed back in myself and have never been able to do so. Both times they were too large for me to push in. One the vet was able to get in and the other had to be amputated.
sadly there is only one person that can treat him and wont be back til Monday but I got him an appointment and have been putting Vaseline on it. Buuuuut he still hates me since ive only had him a few months.
You need KY gel.

Its a water based medical product used for keeping tissue from drying out while it exposed during surgery and such.

You can find it near condoms, because it works well as a lubricant during coitus. Go get some now.
Haha, I thought it was common knowledge that epsom salt reduces swelling. As to where I got the information; I was a ranch hand when I was younger. You see, while it is true that warmer water will cause blood vessels to dilate, this is a good thing. It is needed for the magnesium sulfate in the salts to take effect. The magnesium is absorbed through the skin and is what aids in inflammation relief. of course for immediate swelling it is best to use cold temps to constrict blood vessels, but being cold blooded I am wary of dropping their temps too low. I am unsure of how long the cham has been with a prolapse, but since he or she was worried about it dying and not being able to see a vet because of distance/expense, I offered a page from my experience. If it has been only a day, I would advise applying KY and waiting to see if he retracts it on his own.
Why? How would the KY impede the retraction/have and adverse effect?

Its merely there to keep the tissue from dying.

...? Did you read my post correctly? Maybe you misunderstood me. I would say "yes" to applying KY or any glycerine really. Its there to keep the tissue moist so that it wont dry out. The cham could still retract on its own if its only been a short while.
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