Will crickets eat the superworms?


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Hi everyone.

I have superworms that my cham just won't eat. He has no desire for them. I was wondering if I could use these superworms as a food source for my crickets. Would the crickets eat the superworms? It would be nice to not let them go to waste, and if I could use them as a feeding source for the crickets, I'll just toss them in the cricket tank.
I'm currently feeding my crickets a combination of the fluker's orange cubes, fluker's dry cricket food, fluker's calcium cricket quencher, sliced carrots, potatoes and blueberries, as well as some dry oatmeal. I kind of made a smorgasbord of food for these crickets because I'm not sure which food they prefer. It's simpler to give them all the choices, rather than limit them, I think.
If I can throw these unwanted superworms in my cricket tank, please let me know. Cosmo just does NOT want them.

Thanks for your input!

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Hi . From what I know very possibly if you keep crickets along with locusts. One diurnal one nocturnal the crickets if hungry will eat the locusts. I don't let crickets lose in my enclosure as they will *or have been known to nibble on lizards ie your chameleon *
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