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My panther chameleon that is about 2.5 months old loves to be held. when i open the cage and put my hand near him he lightens up and races to jump on me or he will put his arms up and wait for me. He has only gotten agressive when i took pictures of him because of the noise. other than that he's always happy and lightens up extra when i come close. Just wondering if this is normal because i thought they were shy and somewhat aggressive. he also eats out of my hands or while I'm holding him.
... loves to be held. ... lightens up and races to jump on me or he will put his arms up and wait for me. ... always happy and lightens up extra when i come close. ... he also eats out of my hands or while I'm holding him.
Cool. Congratulations. Coming from someone who never owned a chameleon and has only started researching for a week or so like me, this is the kind of behavior I was kind of hoping for. Also, just a comment from a non-cham, newbie "lightens up extra when i come close," just provokes a funny immiage in my head of a reptile. But I get what you mean. I'm also interested in hearing feedback.
He is only 2.5 months old. He will most likely become territortial and aggressive as he gets older. There is now way to "make them stay nice".
I free range all my animals and interact with them on a daily basis. My chameleons are very friendly and always have been. Even my babies were very friendly and most have remained friendly even the ones kept in cages. Take a look at this video from last year of my babies. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MzulorMdTE
I think many people will agree that we do not want to send the wrong message. As a whole, chameleons are territorial and do not want to be messed with the most part. There are some individuals that are far more tolerant than others. I had a male Veiled who never became aggressive and was easily handled, but I would never pressure him. If he wanted to come out, fine, if not, fine. The majority of my animals only come out for deep cage cleaning. About 3/4 of them will readily handfeed. I have one of Jann's babies and she is a food monster-she sees me as the food transporter, and she will still walk out on my hand, probably because I will carry her over to the worm bin to select a snack.
I just hate to think there are people out there forcing interaction on their chams and stressing them out until they get sick or die from the stress of it all. The last thing you want to do is force handle your cham several times a day or show it off to crowds of people. Their tiny purposed brains are not equipped to deal with that.
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my little guy camo loves people and always has, he act just like yours, as soon as i come near the cage hes reaching anjd trying to get to me, i love it
I would NEVER recommend or I myself pressure any animal to interact with me. This member’s panther is readily coming out of the cage. I would recommend that they buy a large plant or tree and when that have time to keep a close eye on him allow him to come out and hang on the plant. If they continue to do so he will probably stay friendly. I would never recommend forcing any animal out of the cage. I would sit a large plant or tree in front of the cage with the door open and allow the animal to come out on its own.

My animals do not see me as a food transporter because I don't care for the feeders and my husband does 99% of our feedings and they don't even see him as a food transporter IMO. My guys and all other chameleons that I come into contact with are never forced to do anything they don't want to do. I treat all animals with the love and respect that they deserve and in return I am treated the same.

My lizards are not trying to get on me because I'm higher than their trees because their trees are 7 foot high and I am 5 foot. Nor do my chameleons or any other chams that I ever come into contact with ever show any signs of stress. They are all just happy and healthy chameleons.
Jann I never meant to imply that YOU force your animals to do anything. Your chameleons do not fear you, and you are not stressing them. My Leon was never stressed by our interactions with him. I just want to make the point that ALL animals are not like this, and that you cannot condition them to become this way.
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