why so little selection? not so in the wild!


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why do we provide our chams with such little selection on their menu?
my chamaeleo calyptratus has been known to eat humming birds,finches,praying mantis,mice,tarantulas,smaller spiders,locust
and ive even caught him slipping a garter snake down, but his absolute
favorite food are those anole lizards you see on walls and fences

if you are willing to spend time outdoors with your cham you dont need an cage the only threat is birds of prey and to solve that i use 5 fake owls around the parimeter and a pellet gun close at hand
You forget that many of us live in locations were the outdoors are only suitible for a month or two or so for chameleons to stay outside. Secondly, there can be risks associated with letting them eat anything they desire or come across. Thirdly, many area where keepers live, are not frequented by most of what you are describing your veiled to have eaten.

Enjoy where you live though. Its the Racoons that'll go after my chameleons here...
Indianappolis must be warmer than I thought.

I didn't know tarantulas live there...and how did he ever catch a mouse? What kind of cage do you have it in that it can get finches and hummingbirds in but the veiled can't get out?
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