who else has there girls and guys outside today

just hanging out enjoying the sun


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Mine have been outside all of today. It was nice and sunny this morning, but it's been raining for a few hours now. So now everyone is enjoying a summer shower, instead. Here was Daedalus earlier today, looking pretty pleased with himself.



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How are they handling the 90+ degree weather? Are they shaded in the afternoon or are you misting more often?

Our highs are right at 90. They are setup to the side, partially under my awning and canopy. They only get about an hour of direct sun mid-morning and another hour late afternoon. Mister goes off every 1 1/2 hours. :)


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I wish I could put my boys outside! Cant wait for July! I do have a pic of my beardie outside, he really enjoyed that!


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I've got my 2 veileds and all the babies out right now. I always try to get them at least a little natural sun daily. Even just an hour is better than none, I think.


I have had my guys out of a couple of weeks now. I can tell they r eating more not sure if its from just loving it outside or if its a growth spurt? I only have the 3 and they have all shed one is in the middle of a shed at the moment. I am so happy for them. We have a few more months b4 they have to come back in.
the sun lightened her.. they have already mated on one sun sunny day outside.. lol she has been running from him and when he approaches to close she darkens a whole lot and shows black and peach color with gaping and heavy aggressive rocking back and fourth
when he is near her he always shows off.. I loves his colors screamealons never disappoint . she is from florida chams another breeder who is known for high end brilliance I cannot wait to see what there young will turn out to be im sure it will be incredible!! I will let everyone know on here when they are ready to go!!
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