White crusty growth on right side of veiled


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Hello. Looking for help concerning a white crusty growth on the right side of my male veiled's chest. It almost looks like an area where his skin just never sheds off. Its dry, crusty, cauliflower looking. He's eating fine, hydrating well (going by normal poop with plenty of white..). Very active and loves hunting for his food. He sheds normally, but that one area just keeps staying crusty. He doesn't seen to be bothered by it but the area seen to be getting bigger.
Any help would be great.
In the mean time we are gonna try to find a herp friendly vet locally.
Thank again for any help or advice:)



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Sorry your cham has a growth that's getting larger.

A growth like that could have one of several different causes (bacteria, virus or fungus) and it is worth having a cham-knowledgeable vet biopsy it so the right treatment can be given before it literally becomes a bigger problem.

You will find some helpful info in this past thread https://www.chameleonforums.com/lumps-skin-142289/

If you let us know the area or town you are in, sometimes people here know of good vets for you to take him to.
I hope he is healed up soon.
Please let us know what it turns out to be caused by.


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thanks for the advice. I am in the Nashville, TN area
At the top of this forum there's a list of known vets listed by area. Try that too. I would definitely get this looked at. Just what it is may take a tissue culture or biopsy and you certainly don't want to irritate it or spread it.


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thanks for the advice. I am in the Nashville, TN area
You're very welcome.
I'm not anywhere near Nashville, so I can't recommend anyone there
but you can make a new post titled Need Vet in Nashville, as well as looking through the links in this post:

I did glean these reptile vet names from a post on ball python net.
The last two were recommended on another site, as well.:

Kyle Daniel, DVM
Animal Care Veterinary Hospital, Inc.
2750 New Salem Hwy
Murfreesboro, TN 37130
Tel: (615) 896-3434

James Talbot, DVM
Belle Forest Animal Hospital
154 Belle Forest Circle
Nashville, TN 37221
Tel: (615) 662-1700

Michael Lutz, DVM
Mobley Veterinary Clinic
4709 Gallatin Pike
Nashville, TN 37216
Tel: (615) 262-0415

Airport Animal Clinic
Dr. Mike Corwin
215 Pineway Dr.,
Nashville, TN 37217
(615) 367-9319

You can also send a PM to forum members in Nashville, such as Chamillonaire, who may know of a good cham vet.
Just use the forum's search tab and use Nashville as your search term and you will probably find a few others.


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Thanks again for the help. One of those Vets is actually fairly close to me.
I'll post results when I find out what my little guy has
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