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For a baby cham, would you recommend one of the spiral UVB lights, or a fluorescent tube UVB light? Please elaborate:D
Just from all the endless hours of reading i have done on here, the tube lights are the best. I don't think I have ever seen one person on here that has had an issue with the Reptisun 5.0 tube. There are people who have great luck with the compacts also, but there have been some that have had problems. So it really is your choice.
Ok, thanks alot! I'm getting a new panther at the next expo and I want to get the lighting, tank, etc. PERFECT! Thanks again!:)
Just by going by what most of us use including myself, I would go with the Reptisun 5.0. Not saying Exoterra is bad by any means. I cannot comment on something I have not used. Reptisun is what my breeder uses, so I figure they know what they are doing and I follow their instructions.
Tube reptiglos and reptisuns are both good. The reptisuns are better and you can use them for 6-9 months where as with the reptiglos you should only use them for 6 months.

I believe the reptiglo compacts have been re-designed and are now not good to use. The new reptisun 5.0 compacts are okay now. I like the tubes better because it covers more area and I can put my basking light on one end so the reptile has the option to get UVB and heat or just UVB.
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