Which light bracket?

Hi I am looking to buy a uvb lamp for my panther chameleon he is 2 years old and is kept in a 24" 24" 48" repti breeze . I live in Scotland and was finding it difficult to get a bracket to fit a linear bulb. I have found the Arcadia pro t5 uvb kit and was wondering if this would be suitable?
Thank you


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Arcadia makes the best bulb imo. If you think you can make that fixture work, buy it. Looking at it, I'm not sure how it mounts. You may have to fabricate something.


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I use Arcadia bulbs in an aquarium fixture. It has space for two bulbs so one is UVB and the other is a 6500K for plants. Be sure to remove any plastic shields in the fixture so it doesn't block the UVB.
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