Where to get roaches?


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Does anyone have any ideas about obtaining roaches or other insects without having to order them? I feed mine crickets, super worms, and roaches right now, but all my roaches i get are from my ecology teacher so i was wondering if there is a way to widen his diet without ordering. If not a link to the cheapest website that sells the healthiest insects would be appreciated.
So you want to catch your own wild insects? I think you will find lots of mixed feelings on that subject about that idea. Personally, I wouldn't risk wild insects for a number of reasons. I've got an excess of roaches but you would have to order those. :)
Generally insects that end up as feeders (non-worms) are only as healthy as their gutload.
Some of the big pet store chains (like Petco) have good selections. Other thing would be to watch for reptile shows in your area.

Setting up a feeder colony would be very beneficial as well. I do Dubias, my sister has Red Racers. For smaller chameleons Fruit Flies are easy too.
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