where to get feeders in honolulu???


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I live in honolulu . Does anyone know where can I get my hand on anything other than mealworms and crickets?

I can't order them online either no company ships to Hawaii.....
I'm having the same problem... Petland in Kahala occasionally has silkworms available but my Jackson prefers crickets or mealworms. I want to start breeding land snails or roaches but don't really know where to start.
We really should do something about it mine does not touch mealworms I really wanna give snails a try
Or maybe one of those cane spiders LOL although the spider might devour the jackson :p
I would wild collect Schistocerca nitens. They are an invasive species that is a great large feeder insect and females could possibly be to big for a Jackson's Chameleon. However you can captive breed them similar to the way chameleon keepers captive breed dubias colonies on the main land.

Here's a quick Wikipedia link with some information about them on the Hawaiian Islands.

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