Where to find Pygmy Chameleons


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Over the past couple of months, I have been absolutely fascinated by these species of chameleons. I've done a great amount of research on these guys, but when I went to look for their availability there are none to be found. I can understand why there is such a limited amount of these guys on the market, does anyone know where I could possibly look for them?


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Where are you located? There are no large scale pygmy chameleon breeders in the US, so they are pretty much only available as wild caught animals from Madagascar imports. There are exceptions, but they are very rare. Niche species like this are a hot commodity so unless you are keeping a close eye on planned imports, I wouldn't hold your breath

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I saw some for sale on fauna classifieds, I think it was or is Frank Payne, I think he is active on this site
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Backwater, underground reptile, all of these dealers are highly questionable. I'd avoid that at all costs.
I've only dealt with backwater once but they were good. It was during the summer (I'm in Arizona) and they worked with me to find the best way to get my reptile there safely. The owner called me personally. Other experiences may vary obviously.
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