Where to buy my first chameleon


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searching for ambilobe.found a few online,but very apprehensive about buying.does any body have any advise about good reputable breeders.I really would like to buy one I saw at chameleon paradise,but can't seem to find any feed back about this breeder.I have spent a lot of time and effort researching and setting up the proper environment,not to mention the money invested.Just want to make sure I get a nice healthy male.


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You can trust any of the forum sponsors, they're tried and true reputable breeders and suppliers. But if you're still looking for reviews I recommend doing two things: 1, search their name on the Board of Inquiry on Faunaclassifieds.com. This is a huge forum and if someone has a review, either negative or positive, it's most likely on there. And 2, I would search this forum for people who have purchased from that breeder. People are usually super excited to show off their new chameleons and will credit the breeder or vendor with a happy transaction, and you can see photos of the animals that they're sending out.
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