Where should I place a linear UVB bulb?


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Looking to upgrade my chameleon's lighting setup with a reptisun t5 Ho hood and a 5.0 bulb. However, I am having a difficult time deciding where to place it. Given my setup, what placement of the bulb would create the best gradient and give my chameleon the most options? I feel that the branch he is on in the photos would make for a good basking spot, but I don't know if the branch is too far down. I can add a new perch fairly easily if need be. Any help is appreciated.


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I usually run the UVB across the back of the cage on top of the lid and the basking light at one end on the lid. This gives more temperature ranges in the cage and allows the chameleon to sit under the UVB alone or under both lights. Everyone does it their own way.


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I run my UVB diagonally across the enclosure because my branches are at a diagonal angle as well. This allows for my cham to decide where on the gradient he wants to be. Either further up on the branch and closer to the UVB or down low where there is more coverage.

As far where to place your basking bulb, I'd put it wherever you can achieve the proper basking temperatures. Double check with a temp gun the temperatures of the branch he is on, keeping in mind his back will be higher up/closer to the bulb than the branch will be.


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Hi there welcome to the forum! I run mine across the middle of the cage one end to the other. I have my basking placed on the back left corner angled down. I end up with multiple gradients this way. He usually picks the same 2 branches to bask from. :) My UVB bulb is in the back position of my quad so he gets heat and uvb when basking due to the position and the angle of the heat lamp. :) everyone has their way although we are all pretty similar lol.

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