Where in the OKC or Tulsa area are there reptile clinics??


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I’m pretty sure my little guy Carl has MBD. I have no idea where to take him to get the proper care. I go to school at OSU and would love to be able to find a reptile vet close to OKC or Tulsa.
I just inherited him from a family member and he is my first reptile. I have been doing extensive research and I have been altering his setup accordingly. The enclosure shown in the back of the picture is what he came to me in. I have since bought a ReptiBreeze cage.
Anyways, I am very worried about him. I am giving him powder calcium, but I worry that there is irreversible damage that can only be helped by a vet.



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Dr. Paul Welch sees chameleons in Tulsa
Phone:(918) 299-8448Fax:(918) 299-3933Address:6528 East 101st Street
Suite A Tulsa, OK 74133-6724
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