Where can I get this insect

nick barta

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Superworms can be purchased from Great Lakes Hornworms, he is near to you. Dubias can be purchased on the classified ads on this forum.



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Try one of the forum sponsors in the upper right hand corner. Many of them sell insects, including dubias and supers, and will ship them to your door.

Locally, you can usually find superworms at even big box pet stores but not dubias. Although most devoted reptile keepers will typically have dubia roaches (outside of Florida) so you can always try posting a wanted ad on this forum or on Faunaclassifieds.com and see if anyone nearby has some they're willing to sell you.


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You might also try Craigslist for a local person, there are multiple people in the Dallas area that list all the time if your close to a major city I bet you have one also.
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