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good cages with good draining systems, or how do i create a draining system. Right now i am looking for cages for a baby as i plan on buying a baby jackson's after i set up a cage...
I am positive that no cages on the market at this time have a built in draining system. It is all dne by the individuals in their own way.

Post your cage draining photos people.
Hieka used a drain oan from a washing machine I think, the common way is to place the cage over a tub of some sort. I have my Cham in a stand up shower.

be creative
I used a cement mixing plastic tub and drilled a hole on the bottom and placed the apparatus for a kitchen sink (with the syphon attachment). You can look in my photo gallery. My set-up was also based on Heika's cage.

Most ideas work, though it will require you to custome make the top part of the cage to accomidate your base with drainage.
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