when u first get a cham as a baby


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even from breeders that ppl suggest, should u bring them to a vet for parasites, or have they already been checked b4 sold? I mean, where would captive bred chams pick up parasites? But i may sound stupid asking this, just wanted to kno and i dont kno much about parasites and where they live and come from etc...
LOL, can ne1 give me links or places where i can look at the chams of breeders that experienced owners suggest esp. where i can look at pics of what they r selling and contact info?
Parasites can be passed from one chameleon to another and they can also come from feeders. So, even from a respectable breeder, your cham may have parasites. I have had fecals done three times now for my panther just to ensure that he doesn't have any. With that said, most parasites are not that big of a deal. I have not treated my WC leaf chams for parasites, and I am sure that they have them. They are doing fine. It is when the chameleon is in compromised health that parasites will cause problems.

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thanks westcoast, have u gotten chams from ne of them b4?
i got my ambanja from kammerflauge and needless to say he is a great pet and i have loved him ever since getting him. there are otehr breeders that are very good as westcoast has pointed out jenna mike and jim are very good at what they do and he has pointed out 5 of the best in the biz
i dunno many ppls names, so well i am looking at chams, i possibly may want a jackson's as i have heard ppl have started out with them and r alright
All the breeders listed in the photo contest are recommended. You can see these on the home page or in the contest forum.
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