When to switch off of fruit flies?


Hello fellow chameleon guys and gals. My little green boy bubba is getting older and bigger by the day. I'm shocked at how f as st these tree men grow. I think he's about 2 and a half months. Or almost 3 months. Anyways I've been feeding him fruit flies as his staple. (I hate stinky crickets, they're hard to keep alive and handle, and they always jump onto bubba and it freaks him out). I still dust them and stuff. He eats about 40 to 50 fruit flies a day. What age should he start eating his big boy bugs? Like superworms and dubias and such? He's still pretty small.


Heres a pretty recent pic of him being cute


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You should be able to use small silkworms as well. You can use any of the normal insects that would be food for adults but in a small/appropriate size. Crickets are a good staple IMHO...easy to feed/gutload...easy to get...and as small ones should be easy to keep alive as well.


So the age doesn't really matter? I got 1000 pinhead crickets a couple weeks ago and they all died in a couple days. I tried putting kale, bee pollen, and a carrot in there for them to eat and they were eating it, but still all died. Idk. I kind of like fruit flies though. They're really easy to take care of and the boy loves them. I do want to try silkworms though and try to broaden his palette a bit.


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I stick to silkworms as my main staple feeder and rotate with roaches, bsfl, bottle spikes mantis and whatever else I can get my hands on, variety is 🗝️! N I try to steer clear of superworms as they can become highly addictive, mainly because their so fatty... should be used like a treat not a staple feeder.

Cute lil bugger you got!🥰😍🤘

My two three week olds are eating 1/4 in crickets and fruit flies as their staple. They just got their first ever tiny meal worms as a treat for the first time today.

I hate crickets too. Like...massive phobia of the darn things...but I know they're better and no escapees through the screen...like I have with the FFs.


I don't even have a phobia of crickets. They just get on my nerves and stink lol. Fruit flys reproduce super fast and don't smell or jump onto my boy. He also enjoys hunting them down when they crawl out of the food bowl. Also, that is such a cute baby!!
Thank you 💚 She was planking for some pinhead crickets lol

Im seriously contemplating the whole silk worms thing instead. My cricket phobia will be too bad to handle once they're big. I can handle the pinheads and even hand feed them. Their so tiny and don't look like crickets lol
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