When to move my veiled to a new enclosure?


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I have a female veiled chameleon, 11.5 months old. We bought a new tank and are buying supplies for it at the mo.
I uploaded a pic of her current one with her in it (picture was raked a while back...)
Her new tank is 24"x18"x36"
Very big!
When should we transfer her?
Oooo and also how do you prepare any old piece of wood from the forest to go in a tank? Thanks!


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Personaly, I would not use one of those ExoTerra terrariums for a cham because they can be sweat boxes, not good ventilation.
All screen cages are cheaper, lighter, maintains good ventilation, and allows for the cham to climb the walls and ceiling.

Also, she will need a laying box as she may lay infertile eggs, esp at 1 year old.

As for the sticks, I use ones with no loose bark, nice and smooth, cut them to size, simply wash them with dish soap and hot water. A brush can help too.
I just let them dry and use them in the cages.
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