when to introduce Sirabi to Romeo???


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I would actually make a deal with the breeder (written, if possible - an e-mail agreement will work well) that he lets you choose two hatchlings when they're out of the egg and a month or two old. Because eggs don't always all hatch, so you run the risk of getting two eggs and having the bad luck of one or both of them dying. I would let him incubate them and just let you pick whichever two you want, since unless you bought the ambilobe pair under a contract where he has all the rights to their offspring, you're intitled to the whole clutch, not him. In fact, I hope you got a discount for your pair or are getting some money back for the babies, because otherwise it just sounds like he's getting the babies from you for free and making a profit on them.

Just be careful, don't get taken advantage of :)


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It's text. You can't tell tone from it (hence my sig. Lots of people misunderstand my context ALLL the time.)

I wouldn't breed her yet. Healthy girls make healthy babies. I just got a female who was passed around a few times in the last month or two who is also 14 months old. She just made me pre-maturely grow grey hairs because she decided she didn't want to dig in her laying bin, laid some funky looking eggs (two of which were more like rocks,) and she only laid 8 all together. I put it down to all the stress and less than optimal conditions (not anyone's fault, just the circumstances.) If I had bred her when I got her (I couldn't have anyways as she was gravid, but hypothetically) then I believe she would have possibly tried to make more and use up more of her own strength and nutrients. I have no idea if she was bred before I got her so I'm keeping the 6 somewhat viable looking eggs just in case, but I wouldn't expect much from the babies if they hatch. The eggs are very small and two are mis-shapen. Her eggs are smaller than the eggs I removed from my Pygmy!

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thanks Olimpia:) I guess I am a little naive sometimes:eek: Good advice to follow Pssh, I think I need to stop allowing the breeder to bully as there was never a written contract with him having rights to the cham after I bought them ($325 each) I am going to keep researching and then decide what "I" want to do and what is best for the cham... thank you for being so helpful and polite:D


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who did you get them from? 325 seems like a regular price for giving up a whole clutch. that dude is going to make a killing off you
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