when to increase the size of enclosure, viv. terrarium...


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As soon as you can! My 3 month old panther is in an "adult" cage 24" x 24" x 48" and as soon as his clear side atrium DS is done, he will be going into that for good.
I have a 4' long 2'6" wide 6' tall made and ready but they would never find their food, so I'm gonna build something in between that and what they are in 2'6" long 2'4" wide and 2'6" tall, I enjoy building stuff, I've been doing it my whole life, all trades


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Don’t waste your time. If that idea of not finding food were true, how in the hell would chameleons survive in the wild? They deserve a giant enclosure. Also, I hope they aren’t being kept together. Unless their new enclosure is the size of a large bedroom, they will eventually have problems.
I posted a picture of their current cages with 2 of the panthers I have one is female the other is male, and a picture of a big cage, the big one is not fully furnished because I'm not using it yet,
They are plants I've been collecting for 5 years, it just happens that alot of them grow in their native habitat, so some of them will go in there, with a plumeria hahaha, I like plumerias, I origianally made the cage for an adult, then there wasn't an adult available, but there was babies, so instead I got 4 babaies 2 male and 2 female from different cluthes, and then made 2 smaller cages the 2 males came together and the 2 female came together, after a week observating, I found they don't like the close company, they are defenitely solitary
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