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I have a pair of Nosy Bes and I want to eventually breed them. I would like to know how old they should be before I attempt mating them. Also if any body can give me any general breeding tips for nosy bes that would be great.

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The general rule is they should be at least a year old and healthy. Don't worry about it until then.
Breeding Panthers

Panther chameleons can become of breeding age anywhere from 6-12 months or more. You can tell if a female is ready to mate if her color becomes a soft pink or peach in color. If you bring a male to her and she stays pink/peach, this will tell you for sure she is receptive to mating with the male. Males may take a bit longer to mature for breeding - you can tell if a male is ready by him approaching the female with "bobbing" his head in order to court her and he will approach her to start a mating process. If he seems uninterested in approaching the female, he may not be mature enough for breeding or he may be in a dormant stage (some Nosy's have been known to go through dormant stages of not breeding).

If you put a male and female together and the female turns black in color with bright pink or orange stripes, sways back and forth with her mouth open in a gaping gesture, she is not ready to mate and is not in a receptive state to breed. At this time, remove the male from her and try again in a few weeks.

Hope this helps! :)

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Anytime! Good luck with your beautiful Nosy Be panthers!
Jenna, I LOVE your website! The mating movies are brilliant! I wish you lived in the U.K as I would be a customer for sure!
Thank you Chamgirl!!! I have been working hard on it and it is still under construction, but I will hopefully have it finished within the month. It is really great to hear some nice feedback about the site and that it is appealing!

The movies were a blast to make and I plan to create many more in the future - so much fun!

After the business is underway, I plan international shipping as one of my goals to reach. Hopefully we will be able to ship to the U.K. as Prism Chameleons progresses.

Keep checking our site as I continue to add more content and movies! :)
Jenna, I am glad you are online. Can I just ask you a couple of questions please? I notice you have wc Ankaramy panthers. Can I ask - what do the males weigh each? The reason I want to know is that I have my own wc male and he is underweight. When I got him he weighed just 33 grams and today he weighs 48 grams. I believe he has a long way to go as his limbs, tail and casque are all still painfully thin. I think he needs to weigh at least 60 grams to be a safe weight. I know Ankaramys are a smaller locale of panther so I can't compare him to my other male panther (unknown locale).
Second question, I tested him for parasites when I first brought him home and the results came back all clear. Do you think I should test him again at all as he is not putting on weight very quickly. In the last week he has maintained his weight but not gained any. My fiancee thinks I should have a fecal test done again. Did you test yours just the once or more so?
Thank you for reading this
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It sounds to me as if he is gaining weight which is good! WC's are almost always carrying parasites and I have each and everyone of my wc's checked by my veterinarian when I receive them. I have had a few shipped to me with no parasites/worms, which is very rare to find, but happens.

My wild caught Ankaramy's are new (imported to me January 2006). They are all different sizes and weights, and weight will solely depend on the age of your chameleon. All of mine have been treated for parasites, and are all eating very good. I will weigh again my wc's for you this week and let you know their weights, but I'm not sure that will really help you as like I said, age is a major factor and my ankaramy's will not be that great of a comparison, and have just recently been treated themselves for parasites.

Has he shed? If he is shedding, that is a good sign as well. What I would recommend if you are concerned is call your vet and see if you can just bring in a fresh fecal sample for him to test without actually having to bring him in for a visit. My vet will do this for me and it will save you some money - all you will have to pay for is the lab testing. At least this will give you some ease of mind. If it the results are positive, then you can get the proper treatment... If negative for parasites, then just make sure he is eating a good diet and perhaps give him a variety of different types of prey, as sometimes chameleons will get bored of eating the same thing every day. I know I would! :) I alternate crickets, superworms, mealworm, waxworms, etc., so they don't get bored of eating just crickets.

But, from what you have told me, he seems to be gaining weight, which is very good and he isn't losing weight either. You didn't mention his approximated age, but adult chameleons don't always eat everyday. So if you believe he is a full grown adult, it is not uncommon for them to not eat for a few days.

After treatment, I always bring in a fecal sample to my vet to verify that my new quarantined colony of wc's are clear of parasites.

I hope this helps... Let me know how he does and if I can give more information.

Let me know and good luck!

Edit: By the way, I just looked at the picture of your Ankaramy on your page.... he looks good to me :).
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Thanks for your reply Jenna,
No he hasn't shed yet but then I've only had him for just over a month now. I am eager to see him shed because he has a discoloured elbow and I am keen to see if that comes off in the shed.
I have no idea how old he is, he is wild caught so your guess is as good as mine. I have also never seen another Ankaramy chameleon in the flesh (only in photos) so again I have no idea how he compares in size. I presume he is an adult.
I give him five different feeder insects and he eats plenty every day and poos every day too.
The last sample of his I took to the vet without him being present. I just wondered if it was necessary as a month ago he was clear.
The only thing that worries me is that when I take him out of his viv to weigh him he gets very stressed. I only handle him if I have to. The problem is without fail, every time I take him out of the viv then his next poo contains undigested insects. There is a pattern there and yet I feel I have to weigh him regularly to see if he's gaining weight. The rest of the time his poos are just fine and his urates are white.
Thanks for your help Jenna:)
p.s Please do tell me your adult male Ankaramy's weights as it will help me.
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prism chameleons:

Love the website,you have a great looking collection of chameleons. If you can ship to Canada, you might have yet another customer...;)
Thank you Jonathan! As soon as I open Prism Chameleons, I will definitely look into shipping to Canada as well. Keep watch as I plan to add more breeders as time goes on... They are really very beautiful and it's a shame a camera can't catch the beauty as much as the eye does.

Sirrion and Lailah (Ambilobe/Picasso) should have absolutely outstanding babies. They come from a beautiful line of family history and coloring. Sirrion shows colors that I can't even believe at times. I can't wait till their eggs hatch! Hopefully by June.

It makes me feel good that the website is getting good reviews. Thanks so much. :)
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