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So I picked up my Panther chameleon a month a go last Saturday, and the artificial plant and branch worked for the time being I was no time at all buying a ficus tree at a local nursery. To my horror when I got home the tree was way too big for the small cage I have for Julian until he gets bigger. So the tree has been sitting in the window for the better part of 3 weeks and today I finally got tired of waiting to use it. So I "lightly" modified my existing vivarium by cutting a hole in the bottom of it enough for the tree to fit through but not big enough for the pot, then I fed the tree through the hole and made a box to go around the pot to lift the vivarium even higher so the tree wouldn't be at the top and burn. And so far my humidity is staying more constant and Julian seems to be loving the tree as noted by a much more constant lighter color. And for the cherry on top of the cake I should have my mistking by friday! Thanks, Just wanted to share this with someone who might share my enthusiasm.




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Can you free range anywhere? Like in a room or does it have to be a warm location?

You can free range in any safe area. Chameleons do like it warm so if you plan to leave your cham on the FR for very long you would want to hang some lights over it.
Oh okay thanks! I thought free range was like a permanent type deal as opposed to a vivarium I didn't know it could be a temporary things. Thanks!
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