When new lil cham gets here questions


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As enclosure seems to be getting there, I wanted to ask some questions so I'm prepared for when he gets here.

Feeding: He's 3months old. When I get him and I have left him in his enclosure for about an hour to settle in, how many 1/4" crickets should I be feeding him a day?? And should I cup feed or put the crix on the branches in the enclosure? (They will be gutloaded and dusted with Komodo cricket dust every day, and with Nutrobal-multi vit with D3 once a week)

Also want to know how long you wait before handling them? A week? a few weeks???
:eek: Funny how you find the answers to your questions when you're not looking for them! lol

15-20 1/4" crix per day and will leave him to chill for a few weeks before I start handling him.
hi , i feed my 5 month veiled 5-6 black crickets a day and a few mealworms , and i have a tub on the side i just put some holes and attached with string !
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