When is night time temp to LOW?


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So, I live in folsom CA, about 10 miles east of Sacramento. My night time temps out here outside get at their lowest for this time of year is 52 degrees, but I really want to get these cages outside so they can SOAK up some RAYS, but I don't want to have to move the cages back inside every night! Does anyone have a suggestion on how to maybe provide an easy way to maybe up the temp a few degrees at the coldest point of night? Or if these temperatures will be okay, the highest temps now are about 82 and will continue to rise, along with the night temperatures rising also.

I would love to hear personal experiences with temperatures that hit low 50's and if the Panther Chameleons do okay with it... or if they will freeze their tails off.

Thanks for your suggestion!!!
The ambient temps in Madagascar for about 3 months or so are in the 50 degree range. I have read on here people who leave their chams outside in the 50's and they survive just fine. I am sure they are probably cold but it will not kill them. I am sure you will hear from members who do it, cause I have seen a thread like this before.
Yeah I looked up the temperatures in Madagascar and I have Ambanjas but the temperatures there are normally 70's at night so I was also curious as to whether or not it depends on which species of Panther chameleons you have. Like maybe Nosy be's compared to Ambanjas could handle different temperatures. I think I will move their cages outside soon so they can soak up the rays like I said.

Thanks for the insight
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