When and what to supplement a male Jackson's?


Hi, I've had my made Xanth for a week and two days and I have been feeding him silkworms everyday and as much as he will eat. I have been learned that on a diet of mostly silkworms, I don't need to dust with calcium at all, to dust with calcium with d3 once a month, and to dust with a multi-vitamin once a month. So I'm asking if this is alright or do I need to do more or less? I have a reptisun 5.0 UVA/UVB light and a 40w(that I might change to 25w, or 60w depending on how warm it is in my house) UVA basking bulb.


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My male is 2 years old. I dust all roaches and cricket (anything with a poor calcium to phosphorus ratio) with plain calcium (sticky tongues minerall outdoor). I give him repashy calcium plus once or twice a month depending on his outside time, gutloading and prey variety. He is very healthy and happy.

Edit: He eats a wide variety of feeders. He eats roaches, silk worms, hornworms, butter worms, blue bottle flies, mantids, isopods etc. Usually a mix of 4-5 different feeders.

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I got my male Jax at 7 weeks old and I have always supplemented like this - plain calcium 1x per week, vits without D3 1x per week and vits with D3 once every 6 weeks.
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