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Hey everybody,
Newbie on the forum but not with chameleons. Just got myself a new addition to the family: A Red Bar Ambilobe Panther courtesy of Screameleons ( Vincent ). He held her especially for me. Also do reptile conventions every 3 months. I also do tons of reptile( nature ) related art. I'm known as the artist with the chameleon logo. I have to give a shout to my cousin for mentioning this site to me. He's also a member. Goes by DragonDavy. Much love goes out to those who care for chameleons, being the fact that they are being eradicated from their natural environments due to land developers. At least buying captive born shows that one doesn't need a wild one ( stress out ). It encourages the general public that exotic doesn't necessarilly have to mean that it comes from a far away country, especially when one can get them from selective breeders in their own country ( parasite free/stress free). Have to head back to work ( night shift ). Peace.
Hello Rept138, welcome to the Chameleon Forums :)

I definitely agree that captive bred is the way to go. Do you have a website? Look forward to seeing pics of your new red bar ambilobe.
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