Whats the weirdest "thing" your Cam. has eaten?


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I ask this question because my 9MO female veil has taken a liking to baby lizards.
I'll explain, She has a daytime outside enclosure. Well it protects her from any predators, but it doesn't protect the baby lizards that make it inside her enclosure.
Now I saw her eat one the other day, and to verify my belief I put a baby lizard in her feeding cage and low and behold she jumped on it.

I'm sorry if I have offended anyone, but it seems perfectly natural. I saw a grown lizard with a dead gecko in its mouth. I live in FLA so we have no shortage of creatures and bugs here. She's also eaten flies, moths, crickets, ants, dragon flies, worms, plants .....lucky for her I'm good at catching them! LOL

And I'm not saying she's going to eat them all the time, she's outside.

THE POST is not asking for advise.
THIS POST is asking....... What's the weirdest thing you've seen your Cham. eat?
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You might get bashed for this, allot of members on here don't like the idea of feeding lizards to our chams.

Me personally, It's nature. They eat lizards and what not in the wild anyways.

For one...Stay off the wild caught lizards. They can contain tons of parasites which they can be hosting then your cham ingests them and now has the parasites. It's a nightmare. Your cham could get pinworms, coccidia, and other nasty parasites.

Craziest thing my cham attempted to eat was a humming bird when i was free ranging him outside. Luckily he missed haha. Craziest thing my cham HAS eaten, i would say a dragon fly.


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You shouldn't feed them lizards intentionally.
While the occasional one is ok, too many of them Is too much protein for them.


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Uh-oh.. Just beware.. This is going to turn into one of "those" threads..

People will be offended. Just gonna warn you.

I don't know why but people get so uppity about chams eating smaller lizards. Circle of life, people.

Although I really would recommend you stop letting your cham eat them. High protein diet is not healthy for a chameleon.

My chameleon usually does not eat weird things. The weirdest thing my chameleon has eaten is an inchworm or maybe a katydid. Lol.

EDIT one time he did try and eat his own poop though. -_- I learned to regularly clean the leaves after that because there can be a hidden, hardened up little "bug" for your cham to confuse for a cricket sometimes..


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Not bashing but feeding lizards is a bad idea unless they are captve bred and tested for parasites. Not to mention it is a bad dietary choice if they are used more than a treat type food.

If your Cham is going to grab a few while free ranging I would get it tested for parasites regularly. Maybe every 3 months?

My wife used to make salads for our Senegal who would very carefully pick out only the darkest greens ignoring everything else. Not super weird but its the best I have.


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A wasp within seconds of it being in my room. My cham was on my bed with me at the time and it flew past and BAM he caught it ,and before I could do anything it was down into his stomach.

Would seem I have a badass bodyguard.


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THE POST is not asking for advise.
THIS POST is asking....... What's the weirdest thing you've seen your Cham. eat?

I'm sorry I didn't see this before I posted.

When one's chameleon is eating weird things I think it is prudent for a responsible keeper to also want to know if it is safe and what precautions should be taken.

Regardless of desire this website serves to promote proper chameleon care and like it or not your posts will be searchable for years and will come up in google searches for people wondering if it is safe to feed their chameleons lizards. For the hazards to not be mentioned is irresponsible of anyone who knows better even if you choose to not take the advise.

Of course this is simply my opinion. If the board owner decides it is appropriate to post poor husbandry practices then disallow advise because someone asked to not have it I will happily find another way to spend my time.


The weirdest thing my veiled ate was a piece of his own shedding skin. He pulled it off himself and ate it... I don't know if that's bad for him, but he seems ok.


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My chameleons have gotten ahold of them also. I don't deliberately feed them, but cannot stop them from getting in the one enclosure as the holes are big enough for them to sneak in. I don't know why they go into the cage, they have a huge backyard to hang out in!!! It is not something I want to watch happen. Honestly, I turn away when they eat bugs!!


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The weirdest thing Daedalus has SHOT at would have to be fellow member Dr. O's eyeball! That was uncomfortable for all of us.


The weirdest thing he's tried to eat would be a hornworm pupa. It wasn't even moving, and they don't look appetizing, which is why it was so weird. But his cage was open as I was doing chores and he just walked over to the open container of hornworm pupa, shot at one, chewed it around a little (just long enough to kill it! ugh) and then spit it out. I was so pissed at him, those things turn into large, yummy moths and they take weeks to change.
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I dont see why anyone should "bash" you over anything. It happened naturally, it obviously happens in the wild, and you just wanted to confirm something. I would of done the same thing.

I have an apt, so my cham doesnt really have a free range area to find weird things... He has snagged a few house flys out of the air, Ninja Style!!! I didnt even think he could do that, but that is about it for mine. lol.

I have found a few random caterpillers outside and have thought to give them to him, but then chicken out because I think they could be poisonous or have some pesticide in them.


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my cham shot at a mouse and bit it but thats it. iv seen some chams eat an entire mouse though. weirdest thing shes eaten has to have been this big fat fly that was in her cage. well i think she ate it i meen, it was in her cage in the morning and after school it was gonr. thats all i got.


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oh, my cham also trys to eat the flasher on my camera. i dont really care because it gives me really cool pics.


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My husband had our female Jackson Cham, Matilda, outside with him to enjoy the morning sunshine on the back porch... A horsefly (we live in the country) bit him on the leg, he smacked it. Then the horsefly landed on his leg he lowered Matilda who was on his hand down, she saw it... and SLUUUUUUUUURP! Gone.

It was what I called total karma... ;)
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