What's the weirdest thing you got caught doing?


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What's the weirdest thing you got caught doing for your reptiles by your neighbors or family? Not asking about your personal life.:confused:

I'm not sure if it was the time I was walking around wearing a trash bag for a smock so I wouldn't get Pond and stone spray foam on my clothes. That failed by the way. That stuff will get on you. It's insidious.:eek:
It might have been all the times I brought home branches, trimmed and disinfected them in the back yard.

What have you done that left people wondering what you were up to? or thinking they should get you a jacket that ties in the back?:wideyed:


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Not that weird, but I did like the reactions when my neighbors were wondering what all the noise coming out of the garage was from. I was building my enclosure and you should have seen the reactions when I said it was for a chameleon :D. They all wanted to see it when it was done, but still think I'm nuts ;).


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Although it’s not weird at all for fellow chameleon keepers..... by far the biggest shocker to people I know is the fact that I keep waxworms, roaches, superworms, crickets, and hornworms in my home (gasp!). Further this by walking in on me sitting in front of the TV, scooping out dead crickets and roach crap, and giving them clean little homes to live in like it’s no big deal. Oh, and that their food takes priority on my grocery lists (y) might not have enough cash for a frozen pizza cause I HAVE to leave here with collard greens and potatoes.
Open my fridge, and be careful not to accidentally eat a waxworm as a snack! Come over for dinner, and don’t be surprised at the crickets chirping in the corner. Come over at all, and be prepared to listen to me excitedly tell you about my hornworm pupa. Rule of thumb - don’t touch the plants here, they’re for my Cham and I don’t want your germs on them :ROFLMAO:
Yeah, most people I know can’t comprehend.


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I'm not sure my neighbors know I have reptiles. Mine are so small (and chameleons) that they aren't easily seen when they are in their outdoor cages. They probably think I have imaginary pets.
My old neighbors thought I was just protecting my plants from insects.:LOL::ROFLMAO:


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I initially bought a used enclosure off Craigslist and washed it in the driveway with a hose. I had a bucket for a bleach solution to scrub it all down with, and hose it off again. One of the neighbors eventually came over and asked, "What the heck are you doing?" I just said, "Oh I'm cleaning this old pet cage I got off Craigslist." Naturally they asked, "What kind of pet goes into that?!" I perked up and said, "Oh I'm getting a chameleon in a few weeks!" The look on his face was priceless. I'm officially the weirdest one in the cul-de-sac.

When I did my enclosure upgrade I spent an afternoon cleaning off and preparing branches in the driveway too. The same neighbor came over and just asked, "Are those for the lizard too?" He couldn't even remember "chameleon." :rolleyes: He's the nice neighbor who at least asks....though he's never asked to see the chameleon lol.
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