Whats the best food for a 2 month old


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I just got a 2 month old veiled and was wondering what is the best insect for them at this age... Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.
as Joe said 1/4" crix are good. You could also get some baby hornworms or silks. My baby panthers go after the worms like crazy.
i fed my guy a half inch today...took it down like it was nuthin... i tried giving him a silky but couldn't pull it off the vines... hahaha he tried twice and then left it...this was after the 12 crix he ate so maybe tomorrow ill make sure to give him the silky first thing and see what happens... im assuming he will try harder because he'll be starving in the morning.
by the way where can i get locusts? does anyone have any idea?.... just planning for the future to see if i am able to get them when my cham is bigger....

replies are greatly appreciated. :)
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