What's happening to his toe?!


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Hi everyone! My chameleon,mr chameleon had a bad shed which left some shed on one of his toe nails, eventually the toe nail turned brown and fell of on its own and all was well. His toe looked normal for that matter just without a nail, but recently it kinda grew in size so I'm wondering if anyone can tell me if its an infection or smth else? I was thinking of popping the pimple like thing and self treating the toe. Any comments or opinions are welcome! Thanks!


Btw it's on his right hand.

Oh and do his eyes look sunken to anyone? Cus I heard its a sign of dehydration but on the other hand his urates are as white as can be! Urates don't lie do they? :)
Toe's can become infected and it's importent to get them treated. If left untreated the infection can spread. I dont think the eyes look sunk in. How old is your chameleon? Does he have spurs on the heels of both back feet?
His eyes look fine.

But the toe does look infected.

I would find a vet to get you some meds to help treat that.
Hey thanks for the reply jann. Well his toe is currently just a stump nothing raw exposed which is why I'm thinking of just leaving it cus it's not spreading or impairing him in anyway currently. I wonder if trying to do anything would make otherwise a kinda non harmful issue harmful. And Mr Chameleons betw 4-5months and yes he has a spur,definite male!
Just because its not raw and ragged looking, doesn't mean there isn't an infection inside the toe.
I would definitely get your handsome boy to a vet. Swelling usually is a sign that something is wrong, and his toe kinda looks pinkish in that pic. And he looks nice and hydrated :)
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