What would you change/add (if anything) and why?


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I’m wanting some ideas on plants, flowers, vines, etc. that I could add into Pablo’s enclosure please!


It would be cool to get some of those small magnetic plant holders on the sides and put in some pothos plants to vine them around


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I would put a few more branches like everywhere, reason as stated above empty space = wasted space, it looks amazing though


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Agreed on the more branches suggestions! In addition to that, if I were you I'd add some more smaller plants to the bottom of the closure. Why? Because why not! No reason other than I think it'd look good. Stunning colors on him, btw.

How do you find he does with those ropes in his enclosure? I've never found ropes to be very good for chameleons' walking unless they are extremely taut. In my experience, rope with any little bit of give leads to tipping for the cham. I'd also worry that the material they're made of can rot and harbor bacteria (but that depends on the substance, I suppose)
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