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Hello everybody,

I sent an e-mail to the petstore here in Monterrey, México, asking when they will have chameleons for sale, which type of chameleons they sell, how old are they, and who is the breeder. I know they import them from USA.
They answered me that the chameleons are about 8 months old, an they have veiled, fischer, senegal, and some "cornudo gigante" (I don't know that name in english, but means "gigant horned").
But the part I don't like is they told me they cannot give me the breeder info. And they don't have panthers, wich is the one I want.

In this forum and other sites I have learned that a trustworthy seller would give me all that info.

On the other hand, I can order a panther form www.chameleonsonly.com, but I have to purchase $1,000 dlls minimum :eek: so they can send me the chameleon and stuff to Monterrey...

What would you do???:confused:
The reason that the pet store can't give you breeder information for the majority of those animals is because they are almost definately wild captures. The only breed mentioned that is most probably captive bred are the veileds. Did you ask the pet store if they get panthers in? You may also want to check with some of the other reputible panther breeders to see if they will ship to you.

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