What to do with Hornworms that get too big??

I have about ten hornworms, and 2 of them are massive and way to big to feed to my Cham. It's also illegal to release them in the wild. Should I wait until the big ones turn into moths, then feed them?


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The moths are also big, so either find a friend who has a bigger reptile or kill them off if the worm itself is too big


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This won’t help with worms that are already too large but next time if you realize that you won’t be able to feed them all in time, freezing them at an ideal size works rather well. Just don’t keep them too long in the freezer (preferably finish feeding them off within two or three weeks). For thawing, for some reason it seems to work better to let warm/lukewarm water flow over a worm until it is thawed completely and feed immediately. They seem to hold their shape and color better this way. Of course if your cham will not feed on a dead worm this is all useless but all of mine have usually fed if I simply wiggle the worm a little. It won’t work for everyone/every cham but maybe worth a try next time. Also, at least it still looks like a worm (usually best for a feeding response!) since it is complete, retains the liquid contents and isn’t just a chunk of green deflated/drained something or other which is what you get if you try cutting them up which is sometimes done.
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