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As many of you Probably don't know, When I copped Uncle Sneaky Castroo Almost a year ago, It was an impulsive drunk decision. I bought The cham Kit, with nothing else but what came in it. I copped him in December last year and did not become a member here until March. He basically got fed mealworms and crickets without gutloading them, or any supplements at all. The screen cage I got him was too small, but did not start correcting any of my husbandry mistakes till I joined this forums. A lot of you Peeps gave me some really good advice. I fixed 98% of husbandry issues and i have noticed a better quality of life for Uncle Sneaks. For those wondering, I've taken him to the vet once, and he said i had a very healthy Chameleon. (Hard to believe I know). The PetCo I got him from takes really good care of their reptiles, and the main Guy Andy loves them likes them as if they're his pets. Anyways, I think I'm ready to take another step and Finally Cop what I intended to buy from the beginning. (I thought all Chameleons turned any color, So i thought my veiled would turn red. I want a panther that's mostly Red.
I've google some stuff like the locales But honestly they all look the same.
Can anybody Post Pics of their Panthers Like Ambanja....Ambilobes......Nosy Be.. I'm trying to see the difference and see what I like the most. I want a red One, but don't get me wrong, I've seen some beautiful Blue Ones. Thanks a lot all of you


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This is a picture that Mike gave me of Peri's Dam's Sire. Sorry, that the only pic Mike gave me. He may have a better one.



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You probably would have to get a hold out male. And even then they may change colors when they get their final adult colors. You could always be ready and if an young adult male comes up for re-home/sale you can jump on him.


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This is my ambilobe boy his dad was mostly red and his mom was from a breeder named fable who was also heavy red. This is his regular. Lots of blue and greens. When he gets fired up the reds pop out

Just know that even if you got a baby from that sire there is no guarantee that they will look like like the sire or dam sire.
My guy falls far from the family tree when it came to color (looking for photos of sire and grand sire)


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