What should I feed my chameleon if no food

I live in a decently rural area with a presense and a petsmart but this time of year they do not always have chameleon food. What should I do when this happens
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Starting a small colony of dubia (or discoid) roaches is pretty easy to do and once it becomes established, you’ll never have to worry about running out of feeders. Most of us order online regardless since there’s better quality and variety. Many on line vendors sell variety packs specific for type of animal, and those are great if you have one or two animals. Check out the forum sponsors. https://www.chameleonforums.com/sponsors/?tag=food
I’ve seen stuff about Dubia.com but did not know if it was trustworthy

They are. There are several great site sponsors to order from, too. Starting a dubia colony is easy and worth while but you may need to order extra while its getting established. A variety of bugs is best. Rainbowmealworms.com was my go-to for years, as they have a lot of variety. Dubia.com, symtom, reptilianarts.com are others I use with good variety. Dean / Sauceghandi is great for hoppers, we morifeeders for silkworms. You can also usually find a variety if feeders at local reptile shows.
I order my feeders from different websites. Dubia.com is great and they often have sales going on for bugs. I usually order my dubias and hornworms from them. I also like tcinsects.com if im looking for more variety (red runners, silkworms, etc). Shipping is fairly quick and ive never had a shipment of dead bugs (knock on wood) but I do think they'll send you a new shipment if they arrive dead. I also like feedmychameleon.com (@SauceGandhi on this forum) for ordering grasshoppers. I've used reptillianarts.com before too, but I find their prices to be slightly higher than other online retailers, but sometimes they have great promos and sales! Some breeders sell bugs too, I know @FramsChams sells silkworms on their website. All are good options and beat pet store prices and quality. Hope this helps and best of luck!
Superworms last forever. Silkworms also last a couple of weeks so you should never be out of emergency feeders if you have those two coming biweekly. Get crickets in bulk and do research on proper keeping so they last and possibly multiply. Also grasshoppers live for up to a year and get huge. Buy 50 of those and put them in a medium Reptibreeze with a heat lamp. Feed fresh greens and voila you have your emergency stash.
I order my superworms, wax worms, and when I was allowed, dubia on Dubia.com

Crickets I get from Josh's frogs

Silkworms I get from FramsChams

Grasshoppers I get from Feedmychameleon.com

I order in bulk so that my bugs last me months and months before I need to order more. I am also working on breeding silks, hoppers, and crickets so that I am self sufficient with some of my bugs and dont need to worry about running out of bugs.
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