What should I charge?


So my chameleon is laying eggs that I am almost positive are fertile. I doubt the male she was impregnated by was super happy, but nevertheless, the eggs she is laying seem fairly good to me. I am a first time owner, and I would not be able to raise the babies or incubate the eggs properly for a great length of time. How much should I charge per egg, if I do sell them? Ten cents? A dollar?

Information sheet:
Female veiled chameleon, about six and a half months old. Owned her for a month and a half. I handle her about one time every two weeks. I feed her medium to large crickets- about six or seven per day. I feed the crickets high-calcium cricket diet from Fluker's. I dust them with Zoomed Repti Calcium without D3, and twice a month with Reptivite Vitamins with D3. I mist her two or three times a day with hot water (comes out lukewarm), and I have a cup of water with a hole in it that I fill up about once a day. I do see her drinking water from this. Fecal matter is dark brown, with a white urate. I have never tested her for parasites. She received a burn on her left side on the second day we got her, but the situation that caused this has been remedied- I moved the lamp.
Cage is about 24x24x36 inches, wire mesh. During the day, I use a 60W house lamp and a 15W UVB tube lamp (33% UVA, 10% UVB). At night it gets pretty cold, so I use a space heater to keep the temperature at about 60 degrees. I switch it to daytime lighting at around 8:00 AM, and switch it to nighttime lighting at around 8:00 PM. I am using two live ficus in my enclosure, as well as a climbing vine, a large piece of driftwood, and a piece of bamboo with numerous shoots. I keep the temperature in the enclosure between 70 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit, and I try and keep the humidity at around 60%. The temperature of her basking spot is about 80 degrees. The table that the enclosure is resting on is about three feet off of the floor. I keep her enclosure in my room, and people do tend to walk around this room several times a day. This provides the advantage of being able to keep an eye on her throughout the day. Her enclosure is next to a window, so she gets plenty of natural light during the day in addition to her two normal lights. This window is always closed, but I keep the blinds open. The sun never shines directly through this window. I am located in Sonoma County in California. I live about an hour north of San Francisco.
I don't think that you should really sell them, if you can't take care of them just toss them, maybe a forum member lives close to you and can take them off you hands, but I wouldn't charge, they have to save up the money to keep them fed and healthy. plus if you were to sell eggs individually it wouldn't be the best idea because they might be buying a dud egg and you would get heat from that and its not the best of ideas. Just find someone in your area with chameleon knowledge and can afford to raise them out of the egg, to give them to. jmo.

also you don't know if they are fertile either...
If you plan on selling them then incubate them for a few months to be sure they are fertile. Then you can sell them. Make sure the buyer is aware of the risk of them not hatching though.
Yeah like Pssh said after 1 cpl of months you could sell them. If they are infertile they should go bad by then. No guarantees the eggs will hatch though even if fertile.;)
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