what modifications should I make to this setup?


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Ok, I will list everything I have. Then you can tell me what I am doing wrong. :)

*right now my juvenile veiled is in an 18"x12"x24". it is an open air mesh cage. I have quite the little setup of vines and tree limbs and such. a lot of little hiding places all over.
*My light sources are a 75w tight beam sun glo bulb and a full uvb flourescent lamp.
*the substrate is cypress mulch.
*for drainage, I drilled holes in the bottom of the cage, and placed a large tupperware container under it. I have 1/4" tubing coming out the bottom, through a hole in the wall, and draining outside. so no need to drain. Also, theres always about 1/4" of water in the drainage tank, so I believ that helps with keeping the humidity up in the tank above.
*for now, I am manually misting , and with a bowl with a hole in it for dripping water in. I plan on upgrading to a full automated rain and drip system in the very near future.
*the lights are set on a 12 on 12 off cycle.
*temps in the cage are 92 or so under the basking lamp, and 75-80 at the bottom corner. At nite the whole cage falls to about 75. I just set up the drainage, so humidity is still fluctuating. Right now it is at 60%, but is slowly climbing. once I finish setting everything up I want it to fall around 75% humidity constantly.

Am I missing anything? anything you would recomend I need to change right now? or will this setup hold me over for a month or so till everyting else is in place?
i only use newspaper at the bottom so i can monitor fecal matter more easily and i change it out almost everyday. Some have found that if they are going after a cricket on the bottom and there is mulch down there it could get ingested and cause problems. Just a suggestion.
I am trying to find a plant that will fit in the cage. I printed out a list of plants that are ok for chameleons, and plan to take that to the nursery tomorrow.
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