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Hi all,

This morning I purchased my first panther cham from a petshop in town, and she is a lovely cham and very friendly, but unfortunatly they didnt know what locale she was so was just wondering could anyone offer any insights? her base colour is mainly peachy/pink, but sometimes does also go purple or displays purple bars.

thank you in advance,


Texas Ranger

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You can take a Nosy be, Faly, Ambanja, etc... females and line them up all together. And they will all look the same. I have seen "some" sutal differences, but not enough to tell which is which. You just have to trust that the seller/breeder has kept the locals seperated. Females are always a hard buy. Because of this reason.

Maybe someone on here can help more. But she is pretty and looks good and strong.


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I agree with Texas Ranger. She is a beautiful female. Do you have a laying bin for her? She looks the age to need one.
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