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Thanks ;)

They cannot be shipped in the USA. They are too detrimental to crops/vegetation to accidentally get loose and start breeding and such.

Youll have to go out, and collect them by hand. :)

Best to do it as the sun is rising. They will be out, waiting for the heat, so they can move and such, but they will sstill be too cold to move very fast.

Spot one, and snatch it with your hand. Moving from the back/top of the hopper, at an angle, to where your hand starts to go in front of it. It will hop into your hand.

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You want them to be pesticide free. So gathering in a remote area is ideal.

Also, there are poisonous ones about, so if you are unsure about it, post a photo for others to look at first.

If they are green/brown, they are most likely good eats, if they have bright colors/markings its best to leave them alone.

Wild insects make great feeders though, and everyone should try to find what they can locally. The gutload they are carrying has a ton of variety, and chameleons like them much better than crickets and such in my experience.

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With the roaches, since my veiled Cham (if I had to guess) 4-5 month old. (But no idea ha) how many would I feed him a day? And what size would I get?

If you are going to be feeding roaches, you should be breeding them.

They are expensive otherwise.

At 4-5 months old, the chameleon should pretty much be fed as much as it will eat.

At that age, it will be eating 1 week to 1 month old roaches maybe, depending on the species of roach, and chameleon.

They are wicked easy to breed.

Get some adults and start a colony, you wont be sorry. Everyone should have a colony.

Theres a ton of info on keeping and breeding them on this site, and elsewhere. Im sure youll find the answers to any general questions you may have. Feel free to pm me if you want to ask something specific though. ;)
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