What is the minimum temperature a Veiled can worth stand


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Hi Guys

I need some info with regards to my 5 month old veiled.

He is in a fully ventilated indoor DIY enclosure and gets natural sunlight everyday in his outdoor 100 gallon flex heavily planted with Schefflera (umbrella tree) and jungle vine.

It is very warm in Johannesburg now days and we have afternoon showers most afternoons.

Thing is i leave him in the rain if it's not raining to hard, at around 10pm i walk up to the flex a his sleeping like a baby the color he shows is beautiful and he looks so happy and when i see this i feel i dont want to take him inside now as he looks like he is in his element there and then.

I need to know what the minimum temp he can worth stand because some nights i want to leave him outside.

I left the probe outside one night and the lowest the temps it hit was 14 degrees Celsius 57.2 °F (Fahrenheit) in the rain.


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them temps should be fine. My veilded has had a few nights recently when his overnight temp has dropped to 10c (thanks to an arctic cold snap with temps of -18 outdoors) and he has been fine. I would be careful of leaving him out all night though and make sure nothing can get to him or stop him sleeping.
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