what is the material/board called that....


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I have an enclosure fully screened accept the bottom, actually have a few but I need to go to home depot today to get something like the others that goes on the bottom of cage, it almost like a dry erase board?? that can have a hole for drainage tube, but i don't know what kind of board it is that is used, its thicker than linoleum, just need to know what type of board this is that is used so i can put one in the cage that is lacking it. any info would be helpful ,,, thank you, also is there another name for umbrella plant (like... money tree???) that is safe for panthers? or do you know if home depot sells any sort of safe/ suitable plants for them?
Can't help you with the board questions, but as for Home Depot and plants, they have a whole bunch that are chameleon safe. Scheffleras, pothos', ficus', dracaena's. All of those can be obtained at Home Depot. Wash them down before putting them into your enclosure though.
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